Intellectual Property owners

For Intellectual Property owners, we can:

  • Provide SWOT Analysis
  • Evaluate and enhance IP Department Organization (quality, staffing, ways of working & fit to business)
  • Conduct IP Audits
  • Develop strategies to enhance value of IP
  • Provide post acquisition/merger IP integration
  • Create or update IP enforcement and risk policies
  • Develop monetization strategies through licensing, alliances and other activities
  • Improve internal relations –ways to gain alignment, recognition and enhance communications with internal stakeholders
  • Manage workload distribution
  • Extract the most out of technologies (IP management systems, document management systems, IP approval systems for package, advertising and promotion reviews)
  • Analyze quality and cost-effectiveness of outside service providers (search companies, investigation companies, domain name management companies, renewal companies, etc.)
  • Conduct workshops and training
  • Provide benchmarking data
  • Concierge Service – a “hot line” type offering where for a flat monthly fee our Team is available for quick telephone advice to bounce ideas, use as a benchmark and get quick points of view on various topics

We can provide you with a comprehensive approach to achieve your goals or serve you in specific areas that require immediate attention.