The Principals of IP-PORTUNITY® and our team of Consultants have over a century of collective experience leading the Trademark and IP law departments of major global consumer products companies.  This Team has come together to share our wealth of experience with corporations, law firms and consulting companies.

In leading the Trademark and IP law departments, our professionals have structured cost-effective and business aligned law departments, developed protection strategies for global brands, led initiatives in audits and SWOT analyses and integrated billions of dollars in acquisitions of IP assets into their companies, amongst many other accomplishments. This team has also worked with law firms around the world to create solid partnerships with their companies and is well-suited to assist outside counsel in developing their alignments and delivering expected results to clients in the IP field.

IP-PORTUNITY® is the only consulting company that provides the successful experiences of several leaders who have actually managed both many of the world’s most valuable brands and their legal departments that provided such support.